The 25 Best Restaurants in Jersey City

Hooked JC | Co-Owners Natalie and Tory | By Sophia F. Gottfried, Eric Levin, Shelby Vittek

The blossoming of downtown Jersey City as a dining destination can be traced to the opening of Marco & Pepe, across the street from City Hall, shortly after the trauma of 9/11 (and partly in response to it). Since then, the pace of adventurous openings has quickened, spurred by an influx of young adults and refugees from New York City. Marco & Pepe is gone, but the scene barrels on. Now things have reached the point where virtually any cuisine you can think of can be had in downtown. Lately, soaring rents have pushed new residents into neighborhoods like the Heights and Bergen-Lafayette, where new restaurants have opened to serve them. Here is what you need to navigate it all—our 25 top picks for the best restaurants in Jersey City, in alphabetical order.


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